My school-to- work alternation report




1- Where did you go?


2- Describe the place (its history). Which news did you get?


3-What did you do? Which were your tasks?


4-Which was your relationship with your supervisor and your colleagues?


5-Which relationship did you have with the customers?


6-Which languages did you use?


7-Did you speak English? Where? When?


8-What did you say or write?


9- What would you have liked to do but you didn't?


10- Make a comparison between this work-experience and the one you did last year.




Frasi da utilizzare:


1- I did my working experience/ training experience at............... bar/ restaurant/hotel , from ........... to................ , is situated in ............




2- The..........hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel situated in.........../The bar is quite big/ is not very big. There are 10 tables./ The restaurant can sit 60 people but for special occasions capacity can be expanded up to 80.


I worked from ...... to......../ My working hours were from....... to......../ Sometimes I was on the morning shift, from ...... to ....... and sometimes I was on the evening shift, from..... to ......../ Sometimes I had a split shift from... to... and from.... to.....




3-My tasks were/ I was in charge of:


Preparing the buffet for breakfast

Serving tea/coffee/cappuccinoes during breakfast time

Preparing for lunch (folding napkins, preparing plates, candles, making the plan of the reserved tables)

Taking away and cleaning the buffet after breakfast

Changing linens

Serving drinks at the lunchtime.

Serving butter and bread on the tables.

Changing cutlery.

Bringing plates from the kitchen to the waiters.

Refilling salt, pepper, oil, sauces.

Setllllting up tables.

Cleaning thedining area.

Cleaning the kitchen.

Taking orders



4- I had a good relationship/ very good relationship with my supervisor and my colleagues.They were very kind to me and were always helpful to teach me new things./ My relationship with my colleagues and my supervisor wasn't very good because they didn't treat me respectfully.




5- I had a good relationship with the customers. I was very helpful and they were kind to me./ I didn't have a good relationship with customers because some of them were rude.




6/7- I spoke mainly Italian. I didn't have the chance to speak foreign languages because most of the clients were italian./Sometimes I spoke English or French with customers.




8-I took the customers' orders and explained them menus and the day's specials.




9- I'm happy/ satisfied with my working-experience because I learnt a lot. My supervisor gave me a lot of responsibilities and I learnt to find a solution to different kind of problems./ I would have liked to learn more. My supervisor wasn't available when I had questions and my colleagues didn't collaborate with me.




10- The work experience I did this school year was better/worse than the previous ones because I learnt more/less and I had a better/worse relationship with the staff and my supervisor.