Waiter: Good afternoon, how can I help today?


Customer: I'd like a table for one, please.


Customer: Thank you. Can I have a menu?


Waiter: Here you are. My name's John and I'm your waiter today. Would you like to hear today's specials?


Customer: Certainly.


Waiter: Well our today's starter is chowder soup and today's main course is salmon and chips.


Customer: Salmon and chips? Is the fish fresh?


Waiter: Yes it is.


Customer: All right, I'd like the salmon and chips.


Waiter: Would you like to have the starter soup?


Customer: Actually, I would like to have something else.


Waiter: Why don't you try our salad? Most customers order our fresh green salad.


Customer: Ok, I'll have the fresh green salad.


Waiter: Very good. Would you like something to drink?


Customer: Oh, I'd like a pineapple juice, please.


Waiter: OK. So that's a green salad, salmon and chips and pineapple juice.


Customer: Yes, that's right.


Waiter: Here is your food. Thank you and enjoy your lunch.


Customer: Thank you.





Waiter: Welcome to The Steak and Fish Restaurant. Here are the menus. Today's special is green pepper steak. I'll be back in a minute.


Waiter: Are you ready to order?


Customer: I'd like a grilled salmon and a potato salad, please.


Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?


Customer: Yes a bottle of mineral water, please.


Waiter: OK. So that's one grilled salmon, one potato salad and water, is that right?


Customer: Yes. That's right.




Waiter: Here is your food. Enjoy your meal.



Waiter: Is everything ok?


Customer: Delicious, thanks.


Waiter: Would you like a dessert?


Customer: No thanks. Can I have the bill please?


Waiter: Certainly, Sir. Here you are.