Restaurants are classified according to the kind of food they serve, the price range and the types of clients. Here are the most common types.



Self-service restaurant

A self-service restaurant serves all types of food that has been prepared in advance, such as pasta, meat, vegetables and desserts. Clients include employees, students, tourists and families. They walk along a counter where all the food available is displayed and they take what they want to eat and place it on a tray. Examples of this type of restaurant are Flunchor Brek.

Ethnic restaurant

An ethnic restaurant offers food from foreign, often exotic or distant countries. Some examples of ethnic foods are Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Brazilian or Indian. All types of clients go to ethnic restaurants. The price ranges from inexpensive to average. A great number of ethnic restaurants have opened in recent years, especially in big cities.

Hotel restaurant

Hotel restaurants serve all types of food, based on the hotel category. Clients are mostly hotel guests, but also external customers come here, particularly for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and meetings. Prices of hotel restaurants vary considerably, from average to very expensive, depending on the hotel type.

Coffee shop

A coffee shop offers sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, ice cream and snack items. All types of clients go to coffee shops, but the majority are employees, tourists and students. Coffee shops are inexpensive.

Speciality restaurant

A speciality restaurant serves a particular type of food, for example pizza, pasta, rice, fish. Clients are of all types, including families. Prices range from average to expensive.

Gourmet restaurant

Gourmet restaurants serve top quality and elaborate dishes. Clients include VIPs, business people, celebrities, conference delegates, and wealthy people. Prices vary from expensive to very expensive.

Fast food restaurant

A fast food restaurant serves food which is partially prepared before the customer arrives. The most common foods are hamburgers, French fries, and soft drinks. Teenagers and families often choose this type of restaurant because it is inexpensive. Examples of fast food restaurants are: McDonald’sand Burger King.




One of the most popular forms of accommodation in Great Britain is Bed&Breakfast, more commonly referred to as B&B. The guest is offered a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. This sort of accommodation is frequently a family-run establishment and it is offered at a reasonable price.

Guest can choose a continental breakfast or a typical English breakfast; which is a meal and usually includes sweet and savoury dishes.

The traditional English breakfast is disappering because many people now prefer lighter breakfast.



By the way: a proposito

Meal: pasto

Eaten: participio passato del verbo: to eat- ate-eaten (mangiare)

Middle: mezzo

Light: leggero

Weekdays: giorni feriali

Most people: la maggior parte delle persone

Canteen: mensa

While: mentre

Office workers: impiegati

Served: servito


Accommodation: sistemazione

More commonly: più comunemente

Guest: ospite

A sort of: una sorta di

Family-run establishment: struttura a gestione familiare

Reasonable prince: prezzo ragionevole

Sweet and savoury dishes: piatti dolci e saporiti

Disappearing: che sta scomparendo

Fast digiuno - veloce

Breakfast colazione

Supply fornire

Well-balanced breakfast colazione bilanciata

Nourishment nutrimento

Should Supply dovrebbe fornire

Tastes gusti

Hotel guests ospiti del hotel

Mushrooms funghi

Baked beans fagioli al forno


Slighty leggermente