Haccp means hazard analysis of critical control points. It is an european law to prevent contamination in the food and beverage industry. To ensure food safety because hygiene is very important.
Food can be contaminated with germs an bacteria and it can be harmful to the customer's health.

Bacteria can be transmitted by

- dirt(such as dirty glasses or dishes)

-small animals (such as mice,cockroaches, flies,pigeons,and so on)

-burns or cuts

For example you can contaminate food if you don't wash your hands properly, or if you sneeze over food of if you cut different food with the same knife .




Hygiene is very important in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant pub and bar owners commit and office if they serve food whitch is harmful to the customers' health. To ensure food safety and to prevent food hazard Europe has established a set of general rules which is called HACCP.


It has 7 principles which are:

1)Analyse chimical, biological, and physical.

2)Identify critical critical points ( from the row stage of food, to its storing, processing, delivery and customers' consumption).

3)Establishing procedures in order to prevent, monitorate, connect and record information .  






Some people carry (have) staphylococcus bacteria in their nose and mouth.

Each time they sneeze or touch their nose or mouth, bacteria are transferred to food, drinks, glasses. 

•Hygiene in food and beverage is extremely important.
•Restaurant environments (ambienti) can be contaminated with germs.
•Bacteria on raw food are usually killed during cooking, but germs are trasmitted from raw to cooked food, for example using a knife to cut raw meat, then slicing (affettate) bread with the same knife. 
•Bacteria live in dust and dirt, but flies,ants,spiders,cockroaches (scarafaggi) ,mice (topi) rats and pigeons are all vehicles which transport them (bacteria) to food and drinks.
-sneezing over food and drinks, touching food without washing hands are all means to transmit bacteria .
•Glasses and dishes sometimes are not washed properly.
•Detergents can be mistaken  (scambiati ) for food 
•Sometimes you may have cuts  (tagli) and burns (bruciature) 
•Sometimes infections can contaminate public environments  (ambienti pubblici).




Raw food: cibo crudo.

Cooked food:cibo cotto


mouse: topo/ mice: topi

flies: mosche

knife: coltello

knives: coltelli


To Sneeze: starnutire

Are killed:vengono uccisi (forma passiva)

Are transmitted: vengono trasmessi (forma passiva)

Are trasferred: vengono trasferiti (forma passiva)

Can be contaminated: possono essere contaminate (forma passiva)

To slice: affettare

Can be mistaken: possono essere scambiati




HACCP and Safety Procedures (sicurezza sanitaria)


HACCP and Safety Procedures (sicurezza sanitaria)
Customer health safety is very important, as well as hygiene in the Food and Beverage Industry must be treated with great attention. Pub and bar owners, commit an offence (=reato) if they serve food or drink that is harmful (=pericoloso) to the customers'  health. An international set of general rules has been established, it is the HACCP (pronuncia: ha-sip):
H= hazard
A= analysis
C= critical
C= control
P= points
It is a (preventive) system used in Food Industries to ensure food safety. It is a set of rules aimed at identifying potential hazards associated with food. The Critical Control Point means a pointstep in which control is essential to prevent, reduce or eliminate food hazards.


Answer the following questions:
1) What do some people have in their nose and mouth?
Cos'hanno alcune persone nel loro naso e nella bocca?
2) How restaurant enviroments can be contaminated?
Gli ambienti del ristorante come possono essere contaminati?
3) How can bacteria be transmitted from raw to cooked food?
Come vengono trasmessi i batteri dal cibo crudo al cibo cotto?
4) Where do bacteria live and which animals can transmit them?
Dove vivono i batteri e quali animali possono trasmetterli?
5) What must be properly washed in the kitchen?
Che cosa deve essere lavato in modo appropriato in cucina?



  1) They have staphylococcus bacteria.
2) They can be contaminated with germs.
3)Bacteria can be trasmetted from raw to cooked food, for example using a knife to cut raw meat and then slicing bread with the same knife.
4)Bacteria live in dust and dirt and on animals such as mice,flies,pigeons,beetles,ants.
5)In the kitchen Ggasses and dishes must be washed.